Google improves the Android market  

In news that will no doubt please developers, brands and consumers Google have revamped the Android Market to improve app discovery. They’ve launched ‘Editor’s choice’, top apps and trending apps sections – it’s only available on the online portal for now but will be on mobile soon.

Android powered washine machines

Know Your Mobile has an interesting piece on Android integrating further into consumer lives. They are now going to incoporate their software into various electrical goods – for example washing machines, tumble driers, dishwashers, and light bulbs. These will allow users to control the devices with their phone. At first glance it seems like an odd move, but it is part of a wider trend towards smartphones providing the hub for a huge range of everyday activities from mobile wallets to mobile music (Spotify apps for example) to mobile/tablet TV and of course mobile shopping.

Ogilvy urges retailers to embrace the mobile shopper

Advertising behemoth Ogilvy has an excellent reputation in mobile, and they recently released some research encouraging retailers to make nice with early adopters of technology as they will influence the masses. Mobile Retail magazine comments:

“The findings reveal that ‘Innovators’ are advanced users of mobile phones in the retail environment, foreshadowing mainstream consumer behaviour. Rather than regarding these shoppers as potential threats, Ogilvy advises marketers to adopt a mobile CRM (mCRM) approach by shifting their perspective from “armed to charmed” and embrace openness and transparency to build trust and maximize long-term customer value.”

The study unearthed some good statistics on these ‘Innovators’ behaviour:

85 per cent of Innovators searched Google from a phone while in a store to get information on a product. Already, 24 per cent of the ‘Early Majority’ are doing this, with the number increasing to 40 per cent of the Early Majority who own smartphones. 67 per cent of Innovators scanned a barcode or QR code with a mobile phone, while 13 per cent of the Early Majority are already doing this, increasing to 18 per cent of the Early Majority who own smartphones.

Mobile Payments Battlegrounds

It’s quite dense on the information and analysis but there’s a very interesting discussion of reasons why mobile payments is such a big battleground and why major players and trying to position themselves to get into the market on the blog of the MD of MobiOne. Primary reasons are that mobile payments allow brands to capture offline retail revenue, and crucially allows brands and payments service providers to capture valuable data at the point of sale. Well worth a read of the full piece if you have a spare twenty minutes or so.

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